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Emalee Morris, Montrose Real Estate Agent

Meet Emalee Morris

Montrose, CO Real Estate Agent

Specializing in Residential Homes, Commercial, and Land Properties in Montrose and its surrounding areas.

Hello! I am Emalee Morris, an Oklahoma girl. I moved to this area in 1997. Not long after I met my husband (an Olathe, Colorado Native) and we were married the next year. Our 3 amazing kids have been the highlight of our lives! Our oldest daughter enjoys and excels in photography along with being an avid Dave Ramsey follower. She loves being prepared and teaching others how to do the same! Our 2nd oldest is a Senior this year and enjoys playing Basketball and following in his dads footsteps in the electrical trade. He loves helping others and spending time with his buddies! Our youngest son has started his 4th grade year and is loving it so far. He is a little entrepreneur, always on the hunt for a way to help others and make a little “doe” on the side. He loves his animals, and is rarely scared of anything.

We absolutely love to enjoy the outdoors in just about every way that the area has to offer, soaking in the hot springs, camping, hiking, 4-wheeling, exploring, hunting etc. One of my passions are helping others. I love to fill in the gap, bring closure to a project or situation and leave things better than I found them. One thing I have learned down through the years is that I never stop learning and am always needing to work on improving myself. My biggest goal is to raise good children who benefit their communities and Love their Maker. My desire is that the mark I leave on this earth will be beneficial to those paths that I cross and change some things for the better.

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