The stay at home orders and quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak could last a little while. Many people in our area around Montrose are still able to work but are now spending more time at home because there is nothing to do and nonessential businesses are closed for the most part. Do you need ideas for quarantine during COVID-19? Here’s some ideas to get you started! 

kneading dough getting ready to bake into bread

Cooking and Baking

If you’re not a good cook, now is the time to at least try to get better! Search for your favorite foods and try making new or unusual dishes to try. Get lost on Pinterest searching for that perfect recipe, make things the way grandma used to. Cooking and baking can not only occupy your time and keep you busy, but it also will provide you with a delicious reward. If you’ve really got a lot of time on your hands, cook or bake a lot and freeze dinners, deserts, and snacks for later. Learn how to can or make jellies and preservatives. You just might find a new favorite thing to do even without the quarantine!

Card Games, Board Games, and Online Gaming

Did you know there is estimated to be between 1,000-10,000 card games?! With just a normal deck of playing cards, there is an endless amount of games that you can play. If you want to connect with friends, there are even card games you could play remotely with your friends or family over video chat. Board games have always been a favorite thing to do for families. Now during quarantine is the time to play all those games you never had time for or the really long games like Monopoly. If you want your friends to join, you could all play some of the same games you have together over video chat.

If you want to get a little more modern with playing games with friends online, there are many options for online games on your phone, tablet, or computer. Many video games also have built-in online gaming capabilities so multiple players can all tie in together or you can organize private games with friends.

listening to an educational podcast and taking notes

Listening to Fun or Educational Podcasts

Podcasts are almost like the modern version of what radio shows used to be. Many people get addicted to TV shows that have a great storyline. Many podcasts also feature a great storyline but they are usually free with no ads and are all audio-based. Podcast apps on your phone allow you to listen and follow along with the stories developed. There are a variety of fun podcasts that take you on adventures, walk you through fairytale lands, puzzle you with real-life or fictional mystery stories, or excite you with crime dramas. Educational podcasts are available for both children and adults. To incorporate some learning into your kids’ days, have them listen to an educational podcast on something they are interested in. It’s something different than watching videos and learning from books and can be fun to do. Educational podcasts for adults cover subjects on personal health, business and marketing, finances, hobbies, and other practical and fun subjects.

Reading Books and Audiobooks

Some bookstores have actually seen an increase in sales due to the quarantine. Many libraries, such as the Montrose Public Library are closed. You could buy some books or trade some books with somebody you know. Maybe it is time to try reading a genre of books that you don’t usually read. You could try genres like mystery, science fiction, true stories, biographies, or historical fiction. Audiobooks are great for listening to if you want to be entertained while doing things around the house. If you or your kids are not fluent readers, find an audiobook and also get yourself a hard copy. This way you can follow along as the book is being read to you.

Virtual Tours of National Parks on Google Earth

Take Virtual Tours Around the World

Since we can’t do a lot of traveling right now, it’s a great time to explore the world from your couch or even think about future vacation areas you might want to visit. Five different national parks have partnered with Google Earth to create amazing virtual tours complete with a ranger guide! A wide variety of museums have virtual tours of specific exhibits or even tour the whole museum. Many zoos, aquariums, and other parks allow you to see things up close or even offer live streaming and webcams.

Plan a Trip for When the Quarantine is Over

Getting out and going somewhere sounds really good to a lot of people right now. Although now is not the time to travel, you can plan for future trips and vacations. Even if the economy has negatively affected you, there are many places right in Colorado that you can visit to see wildflowers, mountain towns, wildlife, and other interests. Now that you have more time to plan, it’s time to dig deep and learn more about the location. Research when the best time to go is, learn about any local events or other attractions, and find areas that are more off the beaten path or “locals secret” kind of place. Many times more popular areas will be listed on big websites, but go do research on some local websites to find the hidden gems. Many travel books also have great options for lesser-known areas since they are usually written of firsthand experiences. Plan a small trip for something local, or go big with an international excursion!

Home Projects and Yard Work

Have you been putting off small home improvement projects or maintenance? Maybe this is the time where you actually remove all those weeds from your landscaping or garden to get these areas ready for spring. Completing projects such as these can take some of that looming stress away from you. And it allows you to enjoy your home better. Tidying up around your home and landscape will probably make your neighbors happy too. Many times it really doesn’t take much to get your home and landscape looking good for spring.

woman training a puppy in the yard

Training Your Dog

Did you know that many shelters across the country are getting emptied out? That’s great news! Many people are fostering or adopting dogs during this time. Now that you’ll be home more, you can properly train a new dog or puppy or teach your dog some new tricks! It’s not a bad idea to go over some obedience training as well as other practical training as well. Subscribe to a YouTube channel that you like on training dogs or download an app from a trusted source to help get you started. If you need some treats, learn how to bake for your dog and make them some nutritious treats!

Unleash Your Creative Side with Arts and Crafts

There is an art for everybody. If you don’t have an art form that you really enjoy, maybe it’s just because you haven’t explored all the options yet! While you have more time in quarantine, explore different options and learn about all sorts of different types of art. There are so many ways just to draw or paint, so do some digging and find something unique to what you like! Get creative and think of ways to create with just what you have lying around at home or find outside. Local places such as Amazing Glaze in Montrose also offer art to go!

Make quarantine fun and interesting by trying new things! Quarantines and social distancing could still go on for quite some time. Check in on your friends over video chat and have virtual hangout sessions. While you have some extra time, find out why Montrose is such a great place to live and contact me with any real estate questions!