bee on wildflowers in Colorado

Colorado has become world famous for its show-stopping displays of wildflowers that blanket the sides of massive mountain peaks. In fact, one place in Colorado has been named the wildflower capital of the world! There are wildflowers blooming from March all the way through August throughout various areas in Colorado. The seasons of wildflowers shift throughout the state with the seasons. The same wildflowers start blooming sooner in lower elevations and later in higher elevations.

You need to know where to go and when to go to see the best wildflowers in Colorado. Snow melt, weather, landscapes, and elevation all effect how and when certain wildflowers in Colorado bloom. Having a knowledge of different areas as well as weather patterns will help you make the best of your time to see flowers in full bloom!

The Best Places of Where to See Wildflowers in Colorado 

When to See Wildflowers in Colorado 

The average elevation of Colorado is 6,800 feet. This means that just the average elevation of Colorado in most places is over 1 mile high! The time when wildflowers bloom heavily depends on the elevation and how much snow we got in the previous winter. Colorado’s wildflower season lasts a very long time because of the difference in elevation throughout the state.

Common Wildflowers of Colorado

These are some of the most common wildflowers of Colorado. You are almost guaranteed to see these flowers in bloom if you go at the right season.

Rare and Uncommon Wildflowers of Colorado

These are some uncommon and very rare wildflowers in Colorado. Count yourself lucky if you get to see some of these flowers!

Outdoor Ethics for Wildflowers

Do not pick any wildflowers. You may think that there are plenty of flowers to go around, maybe it seems there aren’t many people on the trail that day. But thousands of people use Colorado’s trail systems every day and if everyone thought that, it would have a devastating effect on the wildflowers and wildlife that depend on them.

Stay on the trail. Staying on the trail is particularly important at higher elevations where wildflowers have a very short period for growth. Stepping off the trail to get a better picture or explore can actually permanently kill wildflowers and create new “social trails” that cause erosion and other issues.

Be conscious of tagging exact locations on social media. Some locations that have become “Instagram famous” get overwhelmed with people who just want to take pictures but don’t really care about the area. Tag general locations like the city or state instead of tagging exact locations like trails or specific spots when sharing on social media. Or don’t tag the location at all!

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